- The aim of this portfolio is to give an idea of my creative flair and direction within the creative industry. Even though I am a performing artist myself, I create my own content, these skills can be transferable into other creative roles -

Artwork/graphic design: I directed the ideas for these shots as-well as colour grading/editing them.

Images edited on canva and photoshop

The white scarf tassles were held above the face to create the lined shadows across the face, the scarf partially covering the face also adds a contrast to make it different from a simple portrait.

Video edited in Final cut pro

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Created on Photoshop for single release


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Eruption Music video - Creative direction

Here you can watch my music video, for a song called eruption, I directed, styled, co-edited and sourced any props for this shoot, here is a bit more about my creative choices.

The physical content was filmed by a videopgrapher (KASHKAM)

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Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.17.36.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 10.45.30.png

The Location chosen for this video was a derelict warehouse,

It was important to carry a cohesive colour palette throughout. Outfit, eye makeup as well as smoke bomb colours all followed green/turquoise/white colouring. When thinking about colour psychology Green is the colour of life. This song focuses on the simple beauty of the world that we take for granted. It also a colour of jealousy and money, the colour green can be seen to symbolise the greed to need more to feel complete in life.

The song focuses on the chorus  lyrics “self destructive construction” this is the concept of building yourself up towards your goals, however it can often be quite self destructive at the same time; especially in the world of social media.
Some of the visuals en-capture this emotive through the mud used on the face:  This symbolises how the hate/doubt is often self inflicted as the mud is being place on the face by the individual.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.22.02.png

The use of lighting in the background brings forth the idea of natural beauty shining through. Following the narrative of the lyrics, that our natural world and being alive is something to be grateful for. The natural light is strengthened with an ethereal look as it beams through the windows. However it is highlighted with such strength due to the residue of a white smoke bomb, with the remaining particles reflecting in the air almost like dust. Without the use of this smoke bomb the light beams were not as visible. This is an example of how to manipulate natural lighting.